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Digital Sentry


First Coast Entertainments DIGITAL SENTRY  program  is a combined hardware and software system that provides 24/7/365 remote network management, that provides self healing characteristics to your AV and IP system.  DIGITAL SENTRY monitors, manages, and fully maintains your integrated Audio Video and Data network.

DIGITAL SENTRY offers you added protection, convenience, value and piece of mind beyond your standard service plans. All plans offer unlimited phone & text support and 24/7/365 access to our trained professional technicians..

DIGITAL SENTRY also offers a 25 point annual proactive preventive maintenance visit and 24/7/365  response times for resolving potential equipment issues as well as discounts on additional service or replacement parts. The 25 point maintenance check is designed to go through each part of your system and make sure it is running to its optimum performance


Allows our technicians to view your network and drill down to individual devices. Monitoring may include monitoring of the core of the system: routers, switches, wireless access points, control processors, touch panels, power distribution units (PDU) and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Network monitoring may also include devices such as zigbee nodes, media extenders/players, PCs, network printers, audio/video receivers and other electronic devices.


Both technicians and you are able to receive alerts, configurable on a per-device basis, directly to their e-mail or SMS, in case of device failure or network downtime.


Power can be controlled and scheduled on a per-port or device basis - enabling our 24/7/365 technicians to remotely reboot connected devices in case of network problems. Automated self-healing functionality can manage this process automatically – striving to achieve an always-on network. Remote reboot capabilities, where applicable, allows us to provide remote soft reboots for selected control processors and touch panels as well as software reboots on certain devices. This service may also include hard reboots of devices through IP based Power Distribution Units (PDU), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.


Our technicians can look directly at most devices on the network, even most 3rd party devices, and obtain important diagnostic statistics like uptime, MAC address, IP address, and other relevant device information. You may also choose to set us up to act as an authorized agent on your cable, phone and internet accounts. With your authorization, this will enable our technicians to call and speak with tech support on your behalf.


DIGITAL SENTRY allows us to generate a log and export vital network information including errors, configurations, and device status over a period of time. This proactive approach allows us to view and address the issue remotely, often before you are aware that there is a problem. We will notify you of any changes made in your system and can provide reports based on your network speed, connectivity, and any down time that may have ocurred.


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What if you knew the moment something was wrong on your network?

With The Digital Sentry Cloud Management System, there are no false alerts - devices can be sorted to give alerts by priority - ensuring that you know the moment that network-critical devices go offline.


What if your network could heal itself?

Digital Sentry features a full suite of automated healing features - including the ability to detect and repair IP conflicts. Self-healing networking will ensure that devices connected to select PoE switches or PDUs never go off-line as a result of power outages.


What if your network could self-configure?

Digital Sentry's self-configuration features make network configuration and maintenance a breeze. Digital Sentry automatically detects and maps out every device on your network - including real-time change detection. Users can easily see if there are new firmware updates for select devices on the network and apply them directly through Digital Sentry with no additional steps required. In case of disaster, device configurations can be backed up to the cloud and quickly applied to replacement devices - making the process as fast as swapping out the hardware.


What if there were new ways to manage your network? 

With Digital Sentry, users no longer have to manage a network on a device-by-device basis. Virtualization allows management of groups of related devices across the network - including power management, firmware updates, scheduling, and more.


What if you could control every device on your network from a single interface?

 Digital Sentry makes end-to-end network control simple. All devices on the network can be managed and configured through their own portal directly from Digital Sentry. Select 3rd party devices* can be controlled and managed directly through the Digital Sentry interface as well.


What can Digital Sentry do for you?

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